Übersetzung von “die” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb intransitivedie /daɪ/ ( dying, died )
to stop living

My mother died at the age of 84.
Ma mère est morte à l'âge de 84 ans.

He died of a heart attack.
Il est mort d'une crise cardiaque.
dying to
very eager to
mourant d'envie de

I'm dying to find out what happens next.
Je meurs d'envie de découvrir ce qui se passe ensuite.
dying of
informal feeling bad because of
mort/morte de

We were dying of hunger/thirst/boredom.
Nous étions morts de faim/soif/ d'ennui.

die away

verb phrasaldie away [ ˈdaɪ əˈweɪ ]
to gradually fade

voices that died away as the crowd left
des voix qui s'éteignaient comme le public partait

die down

verb phrasaldie down [ ˈdaɪ ˈdaʊn ]
to gradually decrease
se calmer , tomber

The wind began to die down.
Le vent commençait à tomber.

die out

to stop being used or done

regional dialects that are dying out
des dialectes régionaux qui disparaissent

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verb /dai/ (present participle dying /ˈdaiiŋ/, past tense, past participle died)

to lose life; to stop living and become dead

Those flowers are dying
She died of old age.

to fade; to disappear

The daylight was dying fast.

to have a strong desire (for something or to do something)

avoir une envie folle de
I’m dying for a drink
I’m dying to see her.
diehard noun

a person who resists new ideas.

conservateur/-trice (à tout crin)
a diehard socialist
die away

to fade from sight or hearing

The sound died away into the distance.
die down

to lose strength or power

I think the wind has died down a bit.
die hard

to take a long time to disappear

avoir la vie dure
Old habits die hard.
die off

to die quickly or in large numbers

mourir les uns après les autres
Herds of cattle were dying off because of the drought.
die out

to cease to exist anywhere

The custom died out during the last century.


noun /dai/

a stamp or punch for making raised designs on money, paper etc.


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