Übersetzung von “difference” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noundifference /ˈdɪfərəns, ˈdɪfrəns/
countable-uncountable ≠similarity; sth that makes one person or thing different from another
différence feminine

What's the difference between the old software and the new?
Quelle est la différence entre l'ancien logiciel et le nouveau ?

the differences between American and British English
les différences entre l'anglais américain et l'anglais britannique
tell the difference
to see what is different about people or things
faire la différence

You can't tell the difference between them.
On ne peut pas faire la différence entre eux.
countable the extent to which one thing is different from another
différence feminine

a difference in life expectancy between the rich and poor
une différence d'espérance de vie entre les riches et les pauvres
plural disagreement between people
différends masculine plural

We've definitely had our differences in the past.
Nous avons clairement eu des différends par le passé.
make a difference
to have an effect on
faire la différence

Diet makes an enormous difference to your overall health.
L'alimentation fait une énorme différence quant à votre santé globale.
make no difference
to not matter, or to not have an effect
ne faire aucune différence

It makes no difference to me whether we leave now or later.
Ça ne fait aucune différence pour moi que nous partions maintenant ou plus tard.

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noun /ˈdifrəns/

what makes one thing unlike another

I can’t see any difference between these two pictures
It doesn’t make any difference to me whether you go or stay
There’s not much difference between them.

an act of differing, especially a disagreement

We had a difference of opinion
Have they settled their differences? (= Have they stopped arguing?).

the amount by which one quantity or number is greater than another

If you buy it for me I’ll give you $6 now and make up the difference later.
different adjective

(often with from) not the same

différent (de)
These gloves are not a pair – they’re different
My ideas are different from his.
differentiate /-ˈrenʃieit/ verb

to see or be able to tell a difference (between)

It’s difficult to differentiate between the two birds because they look very similar.

(with between) to treat differently

faire la différence (entre)
She does not differentiate between her two children although one is adopted.
differentiation noun

different is followed by from (not than).

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