Übersetzung von “dip” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbdip /dɪp/ ( dipping, dipped )
transitive =immerse; to put into liquid for a short time

Dip the bread into the sauce.
Trempez le pain dans la sauce.
intransitive ≠rise; to become lower in level or amount

Interest rates have dipped.
Les taux d'intérêt ont baissé.


noun countabledip /dɪp/
a decrease or reduction
baisse feminine

a dip in temperature
une baisse de la température
a thick sauce
sauce feminine (froide)

a spicy dip
une sauce épicée
the part of a surface lower than the rest
déclivité feminine

a dip in the road
une déclivité dans le sol
informal a quick swim
baignade feminine , informal trempette feminine

to go for a dip
aller faire trempette

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verb /dip/ (past tense, past participle dipped)

to lower into any liquid for a moment

He dipped his bread in the soup.

to slope downwards

The road dipped just beyond the crossroads.

to lower the beam of (car headlights)

(se) mettre en code
He dipped his lights as the other car approached.

(of a ship) to lower (a flag) briefly in salute.

saluer (avec le pavillon)
dip into

to withdraw amounts from (a supply, eg of money)

puiser (dans)
I’ve been dipping into my savings recently.

to look briefly at (a book) or to study (a subject) in a casual manner

I’ve dipped into his book on Shakespeare, but I haven’t read it right through.



a soft, savoury mixture in which a biscuit etc can be dipped

hors-d’oeuvre crémeux
a cheese dip.

a short swim

a dip in the sea.

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