Übersetzung von “diplomacy” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun uncountablediplomacy /dɪˈploʊməsi/
the profession of dealing with relationships between governments
diplomatie feminine

a career in diplomacy
une carrière dans la diplomatie
≠tactlessness; the skill of dealing with people without offending them
diplomatie feminine

tact and diplomacy
tact et diplomatie

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noun /diˈplouməsi/

the business of making agreements, treaties etc between countries; the business of looking after the affairs of one’s country etc in a foreign country.


skill and tact in dealing with people, persuading them etc

Use a little diplomacy and she’ll soon agree to help.
diplomat /ˈdipləmӕt/ noun

a person engaged in diplomacy

He is a diplomat at the American embassy.
diplomatic /dipləˈmӕtik/ adjective

concerning diplomacy

a diplomatic mission.


diplomate, diplomatique
a diplomatic remark.
diplomatically adverb

avec tact, diplomatiquement

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