Übersetzung von “dismiss” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitivedismiss /dɪsˈmɪs/
=reject; to refuse to accept or think about an opinion or idea

She dismissed the information as gossip.
Elle rejeta l'information comme étant un commérage.
=fire; ≠retain; to officially force to leave a job
renvoyer , licencier

They dismissed him for stealing.
Ils l'ont renvoyé/licencié pour vol.
to allow sb to leave a place
laisser partir

The teachers dismissed their classes.
Les professeurs ont laissé partir les enfants.

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verb /disˈmis/

to send or put away

congédier, écarter
She dismissed him with a wave of the hand
Dismiss the idea from your mind!

to remove from office or employment

He was dismissed from his post for being lazy.

to stop or close (a law-suit etc)

rendre une fin de non-recevoir
The case was dismissed due to a lack of evidence.
dismissal noun


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