Übersetzung von “distance” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noundistance /ˈdɪstəns/
countable the amount of space between things, places, etc.
distance feminine

the distance from Paris to Cannes
la distance de Paris à Cannes

a short/long distance
une courte/longue distance
within walking/driving distance
close enough to walk or drive to
où on peut aller à pied / en voiture

The house is within walking distance of the square.
On peut aller au square à pied de la maison.
uncountable a place that is far from sb or sth
distance feminine
in the distance
dans le lointain

I could see the hills in the distance.
On voyait les collines dans le lointain.
from/at a distance
à distance

Even from a distance, I could tell it was him.
Même de loin, je pouvais le reconnaître.
keep your distance
to stay away from
garder ses distances

I prefer to keep my distance from dogs.
Je préfère garder mes distances avec les chiens.
countable-uncountable a feeling of separateness or unfriendliness between people
distance feminine

a distance in his manner
une distance dans son attitude
keep sb at a distance
not be friendly toward sb
garder qqn à distance

She was polite, but kept us at a distance.
Elle était polie mais gardait ses distances.


verbdistance /ˈdɪstəns/
distance yourself from
to make it clear you are not involved with sb or sth
se distancier de , prendre ses distances par rapport à

He distanced himself from his old friends.
Il a pris ses distances par rapport à ses anciens amis.

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noun /ˈdistəns/

the space between things, places etc

Some of the children have to walk long distances to school
It’s quite a distance to the bus stop
It is difficult to judge distance when driving at night
What’s the distance from here to London?

a far-off place or point

We could see the town in the distance
He disappeared into the distance
The picture looks better at a distance.
distant adjective

far away or far apart, in place or time

the distant past
a distant country
Our house is quite distant from the school.

not close

a distant relative.

not friendly

Her manner was rather distant.

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