Übersetzung von “distract” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitivedistract /dɪˈstrækt/
to take sb's attention away from what they are doing
distraire (l'attention)

Their whispering was distracting her.
Leurs chuchotements distrayaient son attention.

(Übersetzung von “distract” aus dem GLOBAL English-French Dictionary © 2014 K Dictionaries Ltd)


verb /diˈstrӕkt/

to draw aside (the mind or attention of)

He was constantly being distracted from his work by the noisy conversation of his colleagues.
distracted adjective

turned aside (from what one is doing or thinking)

He had slipped out while her attention was distracted.

out of one’s mind; mad

égaré, fou
a distracted old woman.


The distracted mother couldn’t reach her child in the burning house.
distraction /-ʃən/ noun

something that takes the mind off other especially more serious affairs

There are too many distractions here to allow one to work properly.

anxiety and confusion

confusion, affolement
Alice was in a state of complete distraction.

(Übersetzung von “distract” aus dem PASSWORD English-French Dictionary © 2014 K Dictionaries Ltd)