Übersetzung von “down” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


adverbdown /daʊn/
≠up; to or at a lower place
en bas

a cat trying to get down from the tree
un chat essayant de descendre de l'arbre

Put that down.
Pose ça.

I found it down in the basement.
Je l'ai trouvé en bas au sous-sol.
into a sitting or lying position
vers le bas

She's lying down.
Elle s'allonge.

Please sit down.
Veuillez vous asseoir.
≠up; indicates a lower level of activity or power
vers le bas

Turn the sound down.
Baissez le son.

He was waiting for the dogs to quiet down.
Il attendait que les chiens se calment.

levels of pollution going down
les niveaux de pollution étant en baisse
≠up; toward or in the south
vers le sud

We drove down south.
Nous roulions vers le sud.

to fly down to Mexico
descendre en avion au Mexique
indicates sth is written on a piece of paper
par écrit

She wrote the name down.
Elle nota le nom.

Put me down for the 8:00 slot.
Inscris-moi pour le créneau de 8h.
≠up; indicates the number of points sb is losing a game by
de retard

We were down by seven at half time.
Nous avions sept points de retard à la mi-temps.
≠up; (of computer system) not working
en panne

The network is down.
Le réseau est en panne.
(of items on a list) finished

That's six down and six more to go.
En voilà six de faits et il en reste encore six.


prepositiondown /daʊn/
≠up; from a higher place to a lower one
en bas

My ring went down the drain.
Ma bague est tombée dans la canalisation.

He fell down the stairs.
Il est tombé dans les escaliers.
further along in a particular direction
le long de

They were walking down the street.
Ils descendaient la rue (en marchant).

a little farther down the river
un peu plus bas le long de la rivière


adjectivedown /daʊn/
=depressed; feeling sad

She seemed a little down.
Elle semblait un peu déprimée.


noun uncountabledown [ daʊn ]
the warm feathers of a duck or goose
duvet masculine

a down jacket/pillow
une veste / un oreiller en duvet

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adverb /daun/

towards or in a low or lower position, level or state

vers le bas, en bas
He climbed down to the bottom of the ladder.

on or to the ground

par terre
The little boy fell down and cut his knee.

from earlier to later times

The recipe has been handed down in our family for years.

from a greater to a smaller size, amount etc

en/de moins
Prices have been going down steadily.

towards or in a place thought of as being lower, especially southward or away from a centre

We went down from Glasgow to Bristol.
downward adjective

leading, moving etc down

His career has taken a downward curve.
downward(s) adverb

towards a lower position or state

vers le bas
The path led downward (s) towards the sea.
down-and-out noun, adjective

(a person) having no money and no means of earning a living

clochard/-arde; sans le sou
a hostel for down-and-outs.
down-at-heel adjective

shabby, untidy and not well looked after or well-dressed.

Although this part of town looks a bit down-at-heel these days, it is stil worth a visit.
downcast adjective

(of a person) depressed; in low spirits

He wore a downcast expression on his face.
downfall noun

a disastrous fall, especially a final failure or ruin

chute, ruine
the downfall of the Roman empire.
downgrade verb

to reduce to a lower level, especially of importance

Greece’s credit rating was downgraded.
downhearted adjective

depressed and in low spirits, especially lacking the inclination to carry on with something

Don’t be downhearted! We may yet win.
downhill adverb

down a slope

en descendant
The road goes downhill all the way from our house to yours.

towards a worse and worse state

sur le déclin
We expected him to die, I suppose, because he’s been going steadily downhill for months.
downhill racing noun

racing downhill on skis.

(épreuve de) descente
down-in-the-mouth adjective

miserable; in low spirits.

He was rather down-in-the mouth after the trip was cancelled.
down payment

a payment in cash, especially to begin the purchase of something for which further payments will be made over a period of time.

They have enough money to make their first down payment on a house.
downpour noun

a very heavy fall of rain.

We were caught in a torrential downpour.
downright adverb

plainly; there’s no other word for it

I think he was downright rude!
downstairs adjective

, downstairsadverb on or towards a lower floor

du bas; en bas
He walked downstairs
I left my book downstairs
a downstairs flat.
downstream adverb

further along a river towards the sea

en aval
We found/rowed the boat downstream.
down-to-earth adjective

practical and not concerned with theories, ideals etc

She is a sensible, down-to-earth person.
downtown adjective

(American) the part (of a city) containing the main centres for business and shopping

du centre (ville)
downtown Manhattan.
downtown adverb

(also down town) in or towards this area

en ville
I went downtown yesterday.
down-trodden adjective

badly treated; treated without respect

She plays the role of a downtrodden wife in the play.
be/go down with

to be or become ill with

tomber malade de
The children all went down with measles.
down on one’s luck

having bad luck.

She found herself down on her luck.
down tools

to stop working

When the Anderson was sacked, his fellow workers downed tools and walked out.
down with

get rid of

à bas
Down with the dictator!
get down to

to begin working seriously at or on

se mettre à
I must get down to some work!
suit (someone) down to the ground

to suit perfectly

aller comme un gant
That arrangement will suit me down to the ground.



to a lower position on, by, through or along

vers le/en bas
Water poured down the drain.


le long de
The teacher’s gaze travelled slowly down the line of children.


noun /daun/

small, soft feathers

a quilt filled with down.
downy adjective

soft, like feathers

the baby’s downy hair.

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