Übersetzung von “draft” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noundraft /dræft, drɑft/
countable one of the versions of a piece of writing, before the final copy
brouillon masculine

This is my first/second/final draft.
Ceci est mon premier jet / ma deuxième version / ma version finale.
a rough draft
the first draft
un premier jet
countable cold air blowing into a room
courant masculine d'air

There's a draft in here.
Il y a un courant d'air ici.
the draft
a system in which young people are required to join the military
le contingent
singular a system in which professional sports teams pick players from colleges
transfert masculine

the first round of the draft
la première série du transfert
on draft
(of beer) served from a barrel
à la pression


verb transitivedraft /dræft, drɑft/
to order sb to join the military

He was drafted into the army.
Il a été appelé sous les drapeaux.
to write an early version of sth
écrire un avant-projet/brouillon

to draft a bill in the Senate
écrire un avant-projet de loi au Sénat

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noun /draːft/

a rough sketch or outline of something, especially written

I’ve made a rough draft of my speech.

an order (to a bank etc) for the payment of money

a draft for $80.

(American) conscription

He emigrated to avoid the draft.

a group (of soldiers etc) taken from a larger group.

dodge the draft

to evade military service.

échapper à la conscription
draft dodger /noun/

a person who illegally avoids joining the army

draft evasion noun

evasion of military service.




(American ) to conscript into the army etc

He was drafted into the Navy.

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