Übersetzung von “drag” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbdrag /dræg/ ( dragging, dragged )
transitive to pull sth with difficulty

The men dragged the equipment across the yard.
Les hommes traînèrent le matériel à travers le chantier.
transitive to force sb to go somewhere or do sth

My mom dragged me to the barber shop.
Ma mère m'a traîné au salon de coiffure.
intransitive to hang down to the ground as sth moves along

The child walked with her teddy bear dragging behind her.
L'enfant marchait en traînant son ours en peluche derrière elle.
intransitive (of time or an event) to seem to pass slowly
traîner en longueur

The afternoon dragged.
L'après-midi traînait en longueur.
drag and drop
to move sth from one part of a computer screen to another with the mouse

Drag and drop files into a new folder.
Copiez-collez les fichiers dans un nouveau dossier.
drag your feet
to do sth too slowly
traîner les pieds , tarder

City hall is dragging its feet on this issue.
L'administration municipale traîne les pieds pour / tarde à traiter cette question.

drag by/on

verb phrasaldrag by/on [ ˈdræg ˈbaɪ/ˈɒn, ˈɔn ]
(of time or an event) to seem to pass slowly
traîner en longueur , s'éterniser

The winter months dragged by.
Les mois d'hiver traînent en longueur / s'éternisent.

The lecture dragged on and on.
La conférence s'éternisait de plus en plus.

drag out

verb phrasaldrag out [ ˈdæg ˈaʊt ]
to make sth last too long
faire traîner

The lawyers are dragging the case out to gain time.
Les avocats font traîner le procès pour gagner du temps.

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verb /drӕɡ/ (past tense, past participle dragged)

to pull, especially by force or roughly

tirer, entraîner
She was dragged screaming from her car.

to pull (something) slowly (usually because heavy)

He dragged the heavy table across the floor.

to (cause to) move along the ground

His coat was so long that it dragged on the ground at the back.

to search (the bed of a lake etc) by using a net or hook

Police are dragging the canal to try to find the body.

to be slow-moving and boring

traîner en longueur
The evening dragged a bit.



an act of drawing in smoke from a cigarette etc

He took a long drag at his cigarette.

something or someone that is dull and boring

corvée, casse-pieds
Washing-up is a drag.

a slang word for women’s clothes when worn by men.

vêtements de travesti
He was dressed in drag.

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