Übersetzung von “drain” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbdrain /dreɪn/
transitive-intransitive to let liquid flow out of
se vider , s'écouler

The bathtub took a long time to drain.
La baignoire a mis longtemps à se vider.

Drain the grease from the pan.
Faites s'écouler la graisse de la poêle.
transitive to take all the water away from an area
assécher , drainer

to drain the pond
assécher la mare
transitive to make sb feel very tired

The experience drained him of all his energy.
Cette expérience lui a pris toute son énergie.


noun countabledrain /dreɪn/
the place in a sink, shower, toilet etc. where liquid goes down
canalisation feminine

a blocked drain
une canalisation bouchée
singular sth that uses too many resources
accaparement masculine

The project is a drain on my time.
Ce projet accapare tout mon temps.

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verb /drein/

to clear (land) of water by the use of ditches and pipes

There are plans to drain the marsh.

(of water) to run away

The water drained away/off into the ditch.

to pour off the water etc from or allow the water etc to run off from

Would you drain the vegetables?
He drained the petrol tank
The blood drained from her face.

to drink everything contained in

He drained his glass.

to use up completely (the money, strength etc of)

The effort drained all his energy.
drainage /-nidʒ/ noun

the process, method or system of carrying away extra water

drainage, système d’égouts
This plant needs drainage if planted in a pot.
draining board noun

the area at the side of a sink grooved and sloping to allow water from dishes to drain away.

drainpipe noun

a pipe which carries water from the roof of a building to the ground.

down the drain


We had to scrap everything and start again – six months’ work down the drain!



something which slowly exhausts a supply, especially of one’s money or strength

saignée, hémorragie
His car is a constant drain on his money.

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