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verbdraw /drɔ/ ( pt drew pp drawn )
transitive-intransitive to make a picture with a pencil or pen

I like to draw.
J'aime dessiner.

He drew a horse's face.
Il a dessiné une tête de cheval.

Draw me a picture.
Fais-moi un dessin.
transitive to pick a card, piece of paper, etc. without looking
tirer (au sort)

We will draw names to choose the winner.
Nous allons tirer au sort des noms pour désigner le vainqueur.
transitive to cause a reaction
attirer , susciter

Her remarks drew criticism/praise from members of Congress.
Ses remarques ont suscité des critiques / lui ont attiré des compliments de la part des membres du Congrès.

The ad drew my attention.
L'annonce a attiré mon attention.
transitive to attract sb

The speaker had drawn a crowd.
L'orateur avait attiré un public.
transitive to decide or learn sth after considering it
draw a conclusion/lesson
tirer une conclusion/leçon

We all draw conclusions from what we read.
Nous tirons tous les conclusions de ce que nous avons lu.
transitive-intransitive to move or pull sth in a particular direction
(se) diriger

The bus drew into the station.
Le bus se dirigea dans la gare.

My father drew me toward the door.
Mon père m'attira vers la porte.
intransitive Brit to end a game with each team having the same score
faire match nul

Manchester United and Leeds drew.
Manchester United et Leeds ont fait match nul.
draw a blank
to be unable to think of sth
avoir un trou/blanc

I looked at the question and drew a blank.
J'ai regardé la question et j'ai eu un trou/blanc.
draw blood
to make sth bleed
faire saigner

The bite was enough to draw blood.
La morsure a réussi à faire saigner.
draw a comparison/a parallel/an analogy
to show how things are similar
établir une comparaison / un parallèle / une analogie

The article draws a comparison between this conflict and two earlier ones.
L'article établit une comparaison entre ce conflit et deux précédents.
draw a distinction
to show how sth is different
établir une distinction

to draw a distinction between peace and the absence of fighting
établir une distinction entre la paix et l'absence de combat
draw the line
to set the limits of sth
fixer les limites

I like having fun, but I draw the line at breaking the law.
J'aime m'amuser mais je me refuse à enfreindre la loi.
draw a line between sth and sth
to indicate what the differences are between two similar things
définir/placer la limite entre

Where do you draw the line between punishment and abuse?
Où places-tu la limite entre punition et maltraitance ?

draw on

verb phrasaldraw on [ ˈdrɔ ˌɒn, ˌɔn ]
to use an available resource

to draw on the scientific knowledge within the company
exploiter les connaissances scientifiques à l'intérieur de l'entreprise

draw out

verb phrasaldraw out [ ˈdrɔ ˈaʊt ]
to make sth last longer than usual

She drew out the last syllable.
Elle prolongea la dernière syllabe.
; see also drawn-out

draw up

verb phrasaldraw up [ ˈdrɔ ˈʌp ]
to carefully prepare

They drew up the contracts.
Ils établirent les contrats.
=pull up; (of a vehicle) to move to a place and stop

A car drew up outside.
Une voiture s'arrêta dehors.


noun countabledraw /drɔ/
a way of choosing sth when possible choices are picked by chance
tirage masculine au sort

the draw for first prize
le tirage au sort pour le premier prix
Brit a game that ends in a tie
match masculine nul

The match ended in a draw.
La partie se termina par un match nul.

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verb /droː/ (past tense drew /druː/, past participle drawn)

to make a picture or pictures (of), usually with a pencil, crayons etc

During his stay in hospital he drew a great deal
Shall I draw a cow?

to pull along, out or towards oneself

She drew the child towards her
He drew a gun suddenly and fired
All water had to be drawn from a well
The cart was drawn by a pony.

to move (towards or away from someone or something)

s’éloigner; s’approcher
The car drew away from the kerb
Christmas is drawing closer.

to play (a game) in which neither side wins

faire match nul
The match was drawn 1-1.

to obtain (money) from a fund, bank etc

Now he’s retired, he draws a pension.

to open or close (curtains).

She drew the curtains.

to attract

She was trying to draw my attention to something.
drawing noun

(the art of making) a picture made with a pencil, crayon etc

the drawings of Leonardo da Vinci
I am no good at drawing.
drawn adjective

(of curtains) pulled together or closed

The curtains were drawn, although it was still daylight.

(of a game etc) neither won nor lost

a drawn match.

(of a blade etc) pulled out of its sheath

à nu, au clair
a drawn sword.

(of a person) strained and tired

His face was pale and drawn.
drawback noun

a disadvantage

There are several drawbacks to his plan.
drawbridge noun

a bridge (at the entrance to a castle) which can be pulled up or let down.

drawing pin noun

(American thumbtack) a pin with a broad, flat head used for fastening paper to a board etc.

drawstring noun

a cord threaded through the top of a bag etc for closing it.

draw a blank

to be unsuccessful in a search, inquiry etc.

I tried to find the book in the library, but drew a blank.
draw a conclusion from

to come to a conclusion after thinking about (what one has learned)

tirer une conclusion de
Don’t draw any hasty conclusions from what I’ve said!
draw in

(of a car etc) to come to a halt at the side of the road.

s’arrêter le long du trottoir
draw the line

to fix a limit especially for what one is prepared to do.

(se) fixer une limite
draw/cast lots

to decide who is to do etc something by drawing names out of a box etc

tirer au sort
Five of us drew lots for the two concert tickets.
draw off

to pour out (liquid) from a large container

The barman drew off a pint of beer.
draw on

to use (money, strength, memory etc) as a source

faire appel à
I’ll have to draw on my savings.
draw on

to pull on

He drew on his gloves.

to come nearer

Night drew on.
draw out

to take (money) from a bank

I drew out $40 yesterday.

to make longer

faire durer
We drew out the journey as much as we could but we still arrived early.

(of a car etc) to move into the middle of the road from the side.

draw up

(of a car etc) to stop

We drew up outside their house.

to arrange in an acceptable form or order

aligner, dresser
They drew up the soldiers in line
The solicitor drew up a contract for them to sign.

to move closer

Draw up a chair!

to extend (oneself) into an upright position

(se) redresser
He drew himself up to his full height.
long drawn out

going on for a long time

The meeting was long drawn out



an attraction

The acrobats’ act should be a real draw.

the selecting of winning tickets in a raffle, lottery etc

a prize draw.

an act of drawing, especially a gun

dégainer vite
He’s quick on the draw.

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