Übersetzung von “drip” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbdrip /drɪp/ ( dripping, dripped)
intransitive (of liquid) to fall in drops
tomber goutte à goutte , dégouliner , couler

water dripping from the faucet
l'eau gouttant du robinet

Paint dripped onto the floor.
De la peinture a dégouliné sur le sol.
transitive-intransitive to produce drops of liquid

The faucet is dripping.
Le robinet suinte.

You're dripping water everywhere.
Tu mets de l'eau partout.


noun countabledrip /drɪp/
a drop of liquid, or the sound of it falling
goutte feminine , bruit masculine de l'eau tombant goutte à goutte

the drip, drip, drip of the leaky faucet
le ploc, ploc, ploc du robinet qui fuit

water falling in drips from the roof
l'eau tombant goutte à goutte du toit

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verb /drip/ (past tense, past participle dripped)

to (cause to) fall in single drops

dégoutter, dégouliner
Rain dripped off the roof
His hand was dripping blood.
dripping noun

fat obtained from meat while it is roasting etc.

graisse (de rôti)
drip-dry adjective

(of a garment etc) requiring no ironing if allowed to dry by hanging up.

nécessitant aucun repassage



the noise made by dripping

bruit de l’eau qui tombe goutte à goutte
I can hear a drip somewhere.

an apparatus for passing a liquid slowly and continuously into a vein of the body.

goutte-à goutte
a saline drip

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