Die Übersetzung von "drive" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


verb /draiv/ (past tense drove /drouv/, past participle driven /ˈdrivn/)

to control or guide (a car etc)

Do you want to drive (the car), or shall I?

to take, bring etc in a car

conduire (en voiture)
My mother is driving me to the airport.

to force or urge along

chasser (devant soi)
Two men and a dog were driving a herd of cattle across the road.

to hit hard

He drove a nail into the door
He drove a golfball from the tee.

to cause to work by providing the necessary power

This mill is driven by water.
driver noun

a person who drives a car etc

a bus driver.
driver’s license noun

(American) a driving licence.

permis de conduire
drive-in adjective

(of a cinema, café etc, especially in North America) catering for people who remain in their cars while watching a film, eating etc

a drive-in movie.
drive-through adjective

that one may drive through (and do something without getting out of the car)

a drivethrough restaurant.
driving licence noun

a licence for driving a road vehicle.

permis de conduire
be driving at

to be trying to say or suggest

vouloir en venir (à)
I don’t know what you’re driving at.
drive off

to leave or go away in a car etc

partir (en voiture)
He got into a van and drove off.

to keep away

A horse uses its tail to drive off flies.

in golf, to make the first stroke from the tee.

drive on

to carry on driving a car etc

continuer sa route
Drive on – we haven’t time to stop!

to urge strongly forward

It was ambition that drove him on.

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