Übersetzung von “drug” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countable drug /drʌg/
an illegal substance people put into their bodies to get high
drogue feminine

to take drugs
prendre des drogues

The suspect was on drugs.
Le suspect était sous l'emprise de la drogue.
a medicine for treating illness
médicament masculine

research on drugs for cancer
la recherche sur les médicaments pour le cancer

the U.S. Food and Drug Administration
l'organisme américain de contrôle de l'alimentation et des médicaments


verb transitivedrug /drʌg/ ( drugging, drugged)
to give sb a drug without their consent to make them unconscious or sleepy

They drugged and kidnapped her.
Ils l'ont droguée et enlevée.

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noun /draɡ/

any substance used in medicine

She has been prescribed a new drug for her stomach pains.

a substance, sometimes one used in medicine, taken by some people to achieve a certain effect, eg great happiness or excitement

drogue, stupéfiant
I think she takes drugs
He behaves as though he is on drugs.
druggist noun

(American ) a person who sells medicines etc; a chemist; a pharmacist.

drugaddict noun

a person who has formed the habit of taking drugs.

drugstore noun

(American ) a shop which sells various articles (eg cosmetics, newpapers and soft drinks) as well as medicines.


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