Übersetzung von “duck” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countableduck /dʌk/
a common water bird
male: canard masculine , female: cane feminine


verb intransitiveduck /dʌk/
to bend down quickly to avoid being hit by sth
se baisser vivement

I ducked as the ball whizzed past.
Je me suis baissé d'un coup tandis que la balle passait en sifflant.

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verb /dak/

to push briefly under water

plonger dans l’eau, faire boire la tasse
They splashed about, ducking each other in the pool.

to lower the head suddenly as if to avoid a blow

se baisser brusquement
He ducked as the ball came at him.


noun /dak/ (plurals ducks duck)

a kind of wild or domesticated waterbird with short legs and a broad flat beak.


a female duck. See also drake.


in cricket, a score of nil by a batsman

He was out for a duck.
duckling /-liŋ/ noun

a baby duck.

caneton, canette

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