Übersetzung von “due” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


adjectivedue /du, dyu/
due to
because of, or as a result of
en raison de

The game was cancelled due to bad weather.
Le match a été annulé en raison du mauvais temps.
expected to happen or be done
arrivé/-ée à échéance

Payment is due in thirty days.
Le paiement est dû dans les trente jours.

When is the bridge due to be finished?
Quand le pont doit-il être fini ?
due date
the time when sth is expected to happen or be done
échéance feminine

the due date for our history paper
l'échéance pour notre devoir d'histoire
deserved by sb or appropriate for sth
qui est dû

I showed him the respect he was due.
Je lui ai fait preuve du respect qui lui est dû.
with all due respect
spoken indicates that you are respectfully disagreeing with sb
avec tout le respect que je telui/vous/leur dois

With all due respect, Senator, that is not true.
Avec tout le respect que je vous dois, Monsieur le sénateur, cela n'est pas vrai.
in due course
formal later, at the appropriate time
en temps utile

It will be taken care of in due course.
On s'en occupera en temps utile.


adverbdue [ du, dyu ]
due north/south/east/west
directly toward the north, south, etc.
plein nord/sud/est/ouest , droit vers le nord/le sud/l'est/l'ouest

a plane flying due east
un avion volant droit vers l'est

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adjective /djuː/


I think I’m still due some pay
Our thanks are due to the doctor.

expected according to timetable, promise etc

The bus is due in three minutes.


bon, qui convient
Take due care.
duly adverb

properly; as expected

en temps voulu
The bus duly arrived.
due to

brought about by

dû à, attribuable à
His success was due to hard work.
give (someone) his due

to be fair to someone.

rendre justice à qqn
To give him his due, he worked extremely hard.
see also owe.



(in plural) charge, fee or toll

He paid the dues on the cargo.

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