Übersetzung von “duty” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countable-uncountableduty /ˈduti, ˈdyu-/ ( plural duties )
a responsibility or obligation
devoir masculine

It's your duty to speak out about any injustices.
Il est de ton devoir de t'élever contre toute injustice.

a sense of duty
un sens du devoir
a task or job
fonction feminine

Her duties as a nanny include taking the children to school.
Ses fonctions en tant que nourrice incluent le fait d'emmener les enfants à l'école.
a tax
droits masculine plural de douane

import/export duty
taxes à l'importation/exportation

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noun /ˈdjuːti/ (plural duties)

what one ought morally or legally to do

He acted out of duty
I do my duty as a responsible citizen.

an action or task requiring to be done, especially one attached to a job

I had a few duties to perform in connection with my job.

(a) tax on goods

You must pay duty when you bring wine into the country.
dutiable adjective

(of goods) on which tax is to be paid.

dutiful adjective

(negative undutiful) careful to do what one should

a dutiful daughter.
duty-free adjective

free from tax

duty-free wines.
off duty

not actually working and not liable to be asked to do so

qui n’est pas de garde, libre
The doctor’s off duty this weekend
(adjective (etc)) She spends her off-duty hours at home.
on duty

carrying out one’s duties or liable to be asked to do so during a certain period

de garde, de service
I’m on duty again this evening.

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