Übersetzung von “earth” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounearth /ɜrθ/
( Earth ) singular the planet we live on
terre feminine

the largest mammal on earth
le plus grand mammifère sur terre

Earth and the other planets
la Terre et les autres planètes
the earth
the ground
le sol

Suddenly, the earth began to move.
Soudain, le sol s'est mis à bouger.
uncountable Brit soil
terre feminine

dark, rich earth
terre sombre, riche
countable Brit ground in an electrical circuit
terre feminine

Make sure to connect the earth.
Assurez-vous de bien être branché à la terre.
what/where/why etc. on earth
emphasizes your surprise or shock at sth
que/où/pourquoi etc. diable

What on earth are you doing?
Que diable fais-tu ?
; see also down-to-earth

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noun /əːð/

the third planet in order of distance from the Sun; the planet on which we live

Is Earth nearer the Sun than Mars is?
the geography of the earth.

the world as opposed to heaven

heaven and earth.


Fill the plant pot with earth.

dry land; the ground

the earth, sea and sky.

a burrow or hole of an animal, especially of a fox.


(a wire that provides) an electrical connection with the earth.

earthen adjective

(of a floor etc) made of earth.

en/de terre
earthly adjective

of or belonging to this world; not heavenly or spiritual

this earthly life.


This gadget has no earthly use.
earthenware noun, adjective

(of) a kind of pottery coarser than china

faïence, en faïence
an earthenware dish.
earthquake noun

a shaking of the earth’s surface

tremblement de terre
The village was destroyed by an earthquake.
earthworm noun

(usually worm) a kind of small animal with a ringed body and no backbone, living in damp earth.

ver de terre
on earth

used for emphasis

diable, du/au monde
What on earth are you doing?
the stupidest man on earth.
run to earth

to find (something or someone) after a long search

He ran his friend to earth in the pub.

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