Übersetzung von “ease” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun uncountableease /iz/
≠difficulty; the fact of being easy
aisance feminine , facilité feminine

a bed that can be assembled with ease
un lit qui peut être assemblé avec facilité
at ease
≠ill at ease; comfortable and confident
à l'aise

I still don't feel at ease with him.
Je ne me sens toujours pas à l'aise en sa compagnie.


verb transitive-intransitiveease /iz/
to become or make less severe
soulager , (s')atténuer , apaiser

drugs to ease the pain
des médicaments pour soulager la douleur

The negotiations have eased the crisis.
Les négociations ont atténué la crise.

a heat wave that is finally easing
une vague de chaleur qui s'apaise enfin
to move somewhere slowly and carefully

I eased the car into the tiny space.
J'ai glissé la voiture dans l'espace minuscule.

ease up

verb phrasalease up [ ˈiz ˈʌp ]
to become less severe
se calmer

The rain seems to be easing off.
La pluie semble se calmer.

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noun /iːz/

freedom from pain or from worry or hard work

a lifetime of ease.

freedom from difficulty

He passed his exam with ease.


We were impressed by her ease of manner.
easily adverb

without difficulty

She won the race easily.

by far

de loin
This is easily the best book I’ve read this year.

very probably

It may easily rain tomorrow.
easiness noun

easy adjective

not difficult

This is an easy job (to do).

free from pain, trouble, anxiety etc

He had an easy day at the office.


an easy manner/smile.

relaxed; leisurely

The farmer walked with an easy stride.
easy chair

a chair that is soft and comfortable, eg an armchair.

easy-going adjective

not inclined to worry.

qui ne s’en fait pas
She possesses an easy-going manner.
at ease

free from anxiety or embarrassment

à l’aise
He is completely at ease among strangers.
easier said than done

more difficult than it at first seems

c’est vite dit!
Getting seats for the concert is easier said than done.
go easy on

to be careful with

ne pas trop en mettre
Go easy on the wine – there won’t be enough for the rest of the guests.
stand at ease

(eg soldiers) to stand with legs apart and hands clasped behind the back.

se tenir au repos
The troops were ordered to stand at ease.
take it easy

not to work etc hard or energetically; to avoid using much effort

ne pas se fatiguer
The doctor told him to take it easy.
take one’s ease

to make oneself comfortable; to relax

prendre ses aises
There he was – taking his ease in his father’s chair!



(often with off) to make or become less strong, less severe, less fast etc

(se) calmer, ralentir
The pain has eased (off)
The driver eased off as he approached the town.

to move (something heavy or awkward) gently or gradually in or out of position

(mouvoir) doucement
They eased the wardrobe carefully up the narrow staircase.

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