Übersetzung von “eat” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitive-intransitiveeat /it/ ( pt ate pp eaten )
to consume food

I love to eat.
J'adore manger.

I can't eat nuts - I'm allergic to them.
Je ne peux pas manger de cacahuètes ; j'y suis allergique.

to eat well/healthily
bien manger / manger sainement

Try to eat a balanced diet.
Essayez de manger une alimentation équilibrée.
something/anything/nothing to eat
quelque chose / rien à manger

He hasn't had anything to eat all day.
Il n'a rien mangé de toute la journée.
eat like a horse
informal to eat a lot
manger comme quatre
to have a meal

What time are we eating?
A quelle heure on mange ?

eat dinner/lunch/breakfast
dîner/déjeuner/ prendre le petit-déjeuner

eat out

verb phrasaleat out [ ˈit ˈaʊt ]
to eat a meal in a restaurant
aller au restaurant

It's fun to eat out with a group of friends.
C'est sympa d'aller au restaurant avec un groupe d'amis.

eat up

verb phrasaleat up [ ˈit ˈʌp ]
to eat all of some food
tout manger , finir

The dog had eaten up all the meat.
Le chien a fini/mangé toute la viande.
to use a lot of sth

a program that eats up a lot of disk space
un programme qui consomme beaucoup d'espace disque

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verb /iːt/ (past tense ate /et eit; (American) eit/, past participle eaten)

to (chew and) swallow; to take food

They are forbidden to eat meat
They ate up all the cakes
She was eating a chocolate biscuit.
eatable adjective (negative uneatable)

fit to be eaten

The meal was scarcely eatable.
eat into

to destroy or waste gradually

attaquer, ronger
Acid eats into metal
The school fees have eaten into our savings.
eat one’s words

to admit humbly that one was mistaken in saying something

(se) rétracter
I’ll make him eat his words!

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