Übersetzung von “edge” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounedge /ɛdʒ/
countable the place on sth that is furthest from its center
bord masculine

the edge of the table
le bord de la table

She stood on the edge of the pool.
Elle se tenait debout au bord de la piscine.
singular an advantage
avantage masculine

The red team have the edge over the blue team.
L'équipe rouge a l'avantage sur l'équipe bleue.

to lose your edge
perdre l'avantage
singular a harsh quality
dureté feminine

a slight edge to her voice
une légère dureté dans sa voix
on edge
feeling nervous or anxious
sur les nerfs

He seemed on edge all the way through the interview.
Il semblait être sur les nerfs tout au long de l'entretien.

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noun /edʒ/

the part farthest from the middle of something; a border

Don’t put that cup so near the edge of the table – it will fall off
the edge of the lake
We went down to the river and sat by the water’s edge.

the cutting side of something sharp, eg a knife or weapon

The edge of that kitchen knife is extremely sharp.

keenness; sharpness

The chocolate took the edge off his hunger.
edging noun

a border or fringe round a garment

The sleeves of the jacket have gold edging.
edgy adjective


That actress is always edgy before a performance.
edgily adverb

d’un air agacé
edginess noun

have the edge on/over

to have an advantage over

l’emporter (de justesse) sur
He had the edge over his opponent.
on edge

uneasy; nervous

She’s on edge because she’s waiting for her exam results.



to move or push little by little

(faire) avancer petit à petit
He edged his chair nearer to her
She edged her way through the crowd.

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