Die Übersetzung von "edit" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


verb /ˈedit/

to prepare (a book, manuscript, newspaper, programme, film etc) for publication, or for broadcasting etc, especially by correcting, altering, shortening etc.

préparer, mettre au point (pour la publication)
He spent six months editing the film.
edition /iˈdiʃn/ noun

a number of copies of a book etc printed at a time, or the form in which they are produced

the third edition of the book
a paperback edition
the evening edition of the newspaper.
editor noun

a person who edits books etc

rédacteur, trice, éditeur/-trice
a magazine editor.

a person who is in charge of (part of) a newspaper, journal etc

rédacteur/-trice en chef
The editor of The Times
She has been appointed fashion editor.
editorial /-ˈtoː-/ adjective

of or belonging to editors

de (la) rédaction
editorial work/staff.

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