Übersetzung von “egg” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounegg /ɛg/
countable-uncountable an oval food from a chicken
œuf masculine

3 eggs and 1/2 cup of butter
3 œufs et 100 grammes de beurre

a boiled/fried egg
un œuf à la coque / sur le plat
countable an object produced by a female animal that contains her baby
œuf masculine

to lay eggs
pondre des œufs
countable a cell produced by a female that can develop into a baby
ovule masculine

The sperm fertilizes the egg.
Le sperme féconde l'ovule.
have egg on your face
informal to be embarrassed because sth you try to do fails
avoir l'air malin

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noun //

an oval object usually covered with shell, laid by a bird, reptile etc, from which a young one is hatched

The female bird is sitting on the eggs in the nest.

such an object laid by a hen, used as food

Would you rather have boiled, fried or scrambled eggs?

in the female mammal, the cell from which the young one is formed; the ovum

The egg is fertilized by the male sperm.
eggcup noun

a small cup-shaped container for holding a boiled egg while it is being eaten.

eggplant noun

a dark purple fruit used as a vegetable.

eggshell noun

the fragile covering of an egg.

coquille d’oeuf
put all one’s eggs in one basket

to depend entirely on the success of one scheme, plan etc

mettre tous ses oeufs dans le même panier
You should apply for more than one job – don’t put all your eggs in one basket.
teach one’s grandmother to suck eggs

to try to show someone more experienced than oneself how to do something.

ce n’est pas aux vieux singes qu’on apprend à faire des grimaces



to urge (somebody) on (to do something)

pousser à
He egged his friend on to steal the radio.

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