Übersetzung von “either” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


pronouneither /ˈiðər, ˈaɪðər/
one of two people or things
l'un/une ou l'autre , n'importe lequel/laquelle

"Orange or apple juice?" "Either is fine".
"Jus d'orange ou de pomme ?" "L'un ou l'autre me va."

Either of your parents can sign the form.
N'importe lequel de vos parents peut signer le formulaire.


conjunctioneither /ˈiðər, ˈaɪðər/
either ... or
indicates that a choice is offered
ou ... ou , soit ... soit

Either send them to me, or I could come and get them.
Soit tu me les envoies, soit je peux passer les prendre.


adverbeither /ˈiðər, ˈaɪðər/
indicates another fact in a negative sentence
non plus

I don't like Chris, and I don't like his brother either.
Je n'aime pas Chris et je n'aime pas non plus son frère.


determinereither /ˈiðər, ˈaɪðər/
both things or people

Either player can start the game.
Chaque joueur peut démarrer la partie.

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pronoun /ˈaiθə, (especially American) ˈiːðə(r)/

the one or the other of two

l’un(e) ou l’autre; l’un(e) et l’autre; ni l’un(e) ni l’autre
You may borrow either of these books
I offered him coffee or tea, but he didn’t want either.
either … or

introducing alternatives

ou (bien)… ou (bien)…
Either go to see him or send an apology.
either way

in the one case or the other

de toute façon
Either way, he wins.
either … or the verb usually matches the noun or pronoun that comes closest to it: Either John or Mary is to blame / Either John or his brothers are going to the show.



the one and the other (of two things, people etc); both

There were statues at either side of the gate.



moreover; besides

I used to sing, and I didn’t have a bad voice, either.

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