Übersetzung von “end” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countableend /ɛnd/
the part of sth furthest from the middle
bout masculine , extrémité feminine

the end of the stick
l'extrémité du bâton
far end
à l'autre bout

He stood at the far end of the path.
Il se tenait debout à l'autre bout du chemin.
the last part of sth
fin feminine

It was a great party, but I had to leave before the end.
C'était une fête géniale mais j'ai dû partir avant la fin.

at the end of the week
à la fin de la semaine

to finish by the end of the month
finir pour la fin du mois
the very end
emphasizes that sth is at the last part
l'extrême fin feminine

the very end of the King's reign
l'extrême fin du règne de ce roi
come to an end
to end
finir , toucher à sa fin

Our marriage had come to an end.
Notre mariage touchait à sa fin.
bring to an end
to make sth end
mettre fin à

He brought the meeting to an end.
Il mit fin à la réunion.
plural a purpose or aim
fin feminine

political ends
des fins politiques

a man who will use everyone for his own ends
un homme capable d'exploiter tout le monde pour parvenir à ses propres fins
the end
sb's death
la mort

She fought bravely until the end.
Elle a bravement combattu jusqu'à la mort.
at the end of the day
Brit emphasizes what is true or important
en fin de compte , au final

At the end of the day, only one person can win.
En fin de compte, une seule personne peut gagner.
at the end of your rope/tether
too tired or annoyed to deal with sth anymore
au bout du rouleau

I'm at the end of my rope.
Je suis au bout du rouleau.
the end of the road/line
the time sb or sth must stop because it can no longer succeed
le bout du chemin , la fin de l'histoire

Is this the end of the road for the failing talk show?
Est-ce la fin de l'histoire pour ce talk-show en perte de vitesse ?
for days/weeks etc. on end
without stopping for days/weeks etc.

The arguments continued for days on end.
Les discussions ont continué pendant plusieurs jours d'affilée.
in the end
finalement , en fin de compte

In the end we decided not to go to the restaurant.
Finalement, nous avons décidé de ne pas aller au restaurant.
it's not the end of the world
indicates you do not think sth is serious
ça n'est pas la fin du monde

It's not the end of the world if we can't get tickets.
Ça n'est pas la fin du monde si nous ne pouvons pas avoir de billets.
make ends meet
to afford your living expenses
joindre les deux bouts

families finding it difficult to make ends meet
les familles qui ont du mal à joindre les deux bouts


verb transitive-intransitiveend /ɛnd/
to stop
(s')arrêter , mettre fin à

What time does the school day end?
A quelle heure se termine l'école?

His affair ended their marriage.
Cette aventure a mis fin à son mariage.

end in

verb phrasalend in [ ˈɛnd ˌɪn ]
to finish in a particular way
se terminer en

The vacation ended in tragedy/disaster.
Les vacances se sont terminées en tragédie/désastre.

end up

verb phrasalend up [ ˈɛnd ˈʌp ]
to end or arrive in a particular state
se retrouver , en arriver à

I had no idea how I ended up at her house.
Je n'ai pas la moindre idée de la façon dont je me suis retrouvé chez elle.

They ended up hating each other.
Ils en sont arrivés à se haïr.

end with

verb phrasalend with [ ˈɛnd ˌwɪθ, ˈwɪð ]
to finish by doing sth
se terminer par

The show ended with a firework display.
Le spectacle s'est terminé par une démonstration de feux d'artifice.

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noun /end/

the last or farthest part of the length of something

bout, extrémité; dernier
the house at the end of the road
both ends of the room
Put the tables end to end (= with the end of one touching the end of another)
(also adjective) We live in the end house.

the finish or conclusion

fin, conclusion, bout
the end of the week
The talks have come to an end
The affair is at an end
He is at the end of his strength
They fought bravely to the end
If she wins the prize, we’ll never hear the end of it (= she will often talk about it).


The soldiers met their end bravely.

an aim

What end do you have in view?

a small piece left over

cigarette ends.
ending noun

the end, especially of a story, poem etc

Fairy stories have happy endings.
endless adjective

going on for ever or for a very long time

endless arguments.

continuous, because of having the two ends joined

sans fin
an endless chain.
at a loose end

with nothing to do

ne pas trop savoir quoi faire
He went to the cinema because he was at a loose end.
end up

to reach or come to an end, usually unpleasant

(se) retrouver
I knew that he would end up in prison.

to do something in the end

finir par
He refused to believe her, but he ended up apologizing.
in the end


en fin de compte
He had to work very hard, but he passed his exam in the end.
make (both) ends meet

not to get into debt

joindre les deux bouts
The widow and her four children found it difficult to make ends meet.
no end (of)

very much

I feel no end of a fool.
on end

upright; erect

debout, hérissé
Stand the table on end
The cat’s fur stood on end.

continuously; without a pause

For days on end we had hardly anything to eat.
put an end to

to cause to finish; to stop

mettre fin à
The government put an end to public execution.
the end

the limit (of what can be borne or tolerated)

le comble
His behaviour is the end!

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