Übersetzung von “entry” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounentry /ˈɛntri/ ( plural entries )
countable-uncountable the right to enter, or the act of entering
entrée feminine

requirements for entry into the country
les conditions requises pour l'entrée dans le pays

unauthorized entry
entrée interdite

No entry.
Entrée interdite / Défense d'entrer

He made a quiet entry into the room.
Il a fait une entrée tranquille dans la pièce.
uncountable the act of doing an activity or joining a group
entrée feminine

entry into the profession
l'entrée dans la profession
countable sth you do to enter a competition
candidature feminine

All entries must be submitted by noon tomorrow.
Toutes les candidatures doivent être présentées demain, avant midi.
countable the place where you enter
porte feminine

the rear entry of the plane
la porte arrière de l'avion

an entry gate
un portail

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noun /ˈentri/ (plural entries)

(an) act of coming in or going in

They were silenced by the entry of the headmaster.

the right to enter

We can’t go in – the sign says ‘No Entry’.

place of entrance, especially a passage or small entrance hall

Don’t bring your bike in here – leave it in the entry.

a person or thing entered for a competition etc

candidat/-ate; inscription
There are forty-five entries for the painting competition.

something written in a list in a book etc

Some of the entries in the cash-book are inaccurate.

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