Übersetzung von “environment” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounenvironment /ɛnˈvaɪrənmənt, -ˈvaɪərn-/
the environment
singular the world of nature and all the land, water, and air on Earth

new laws to protect the environment
de nouvelles lois pour protéger l'environnement
countable-uncountable the conditions in which sb lives or works
environnement masculine

How does a child's environment affect their emotional health?
Comment l'environnement d'un enfant affecte t-il son équilibre émotionnel ?

to improve the working environment
améliorer l'environnement de travail

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noun /inˈvaiərənmənt/

(a set of) surrounding conditions, especially those influencing development or growth

milieu, environnement
An unhappy home environment may drive a teenager to crime
We should protect the environment from destruction by modern chemicals etc.
environmental /-ˈmen-/ adjective

du milieu
environmentalist noun

a person who wants to stop the damage being done to the environment by humans.

environnementaliste écologiste

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