Übersetzung von “equal” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


adjectiveequal /ˈikwəl/
of the same size, value, amount, etc. as sth else

two coins of equal value
deux pièces de monnaie d'égale valeur

Five pounds is equal to about ten dollars.
Cinq livres égalent/correspondent à environ dix dollars.

The stones are approximately equal in weight.
Les pierres ont approximativement le même poids.
being treated in the same way as others

a time when some races were not considered equal
une époque où certaines races n'étaient pas considérées comme égales aux autres

equal pay for men and women
salaire égal pour les hommes et les femmes


verb transitiveequal /ˈikwəl/ ( equaling or equalling, equaled or equalled)
to be the same as

Four plus four equals eight.
Quatre plus quatre égalent huit.
to be as good as

Nobody has equaled his batting record.
Personne n'a égalé son record de frappe.


noun countableequal /ˈikwəl/
sb or sth that is as good as sb else

a teacher who treats her students as equals
un professeur qui traite ses étudiants d'égal à égal

The team has no equal in the league.
L'équipe n'a pas sa pareille dans le championnat.

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adjective /ˈiːkwəl/

the same in size, amount, value etc

four equal slices
coins of equal value
Are these pieces equal in size? Women want equal wages with men.
equality /iˈkwoləti/ noun

the state of being equal

Women want equality of opportunity with men.
equalize verb ( equalise)

to make or become equal

Our team were winning by one goal, but the other side soon equalized.
equally adverb

All are equally good
He divided the sweets equally between us.
equal to

fit or able for

capable de
I didn’t feel equal to telling him the truth.

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