Übersetzung von “establish” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitiveestablish /ɪˈstæblɪʃ/
=set up; to make sth start to exist
établir , créer , mettre en place

We are establishing a relationship with a school in Mexico.
Nous établissons des relations avec une école au Mexique.

A charity fund was established in his name.
Un fonds caritatif a été créé à son nom.
to find enough evidence to support an idea
établir , prouver

Have they established that it was a drowning?
Ont-ils établi/prouvé que c'était une noyade ?
to gain recognition through success

She has established herself as the local legal expert.
Elle s'est imposée comme l'expert juridique local.

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verb /iˈstӕbliʃ/

to settle firmly in a position (eg a job, business etc)

He established himself (in business) as a jeweller.

to found; to set up (eg a university, a business)

How long has the firm been established?

to show to be true; to prove

The police established that he was guilty.
established adjective

settled or accepted

established customs.
establishment noun

the act of establishing.

the establishment of the United Ntions in 1945.

an institution or organization

All employees of this establishment get a bonus at New Year.

a person’s residence or household

a bachelor’s establishment.
the Establishment

the people and institutions that control power or are dominant in a society and stick to traditions; one of these institutions

The hippies rebelled against the Establishment

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