Übersetzung von “even” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


adverbeven /ˈɪvən/
emphasizes a comparison between two people or things

It's even bigger/smaller/longer than the other one.
Il est encore plus gros/petit/long que l'autre.

I can run even faster than her.
Je peux courir encore plus vite qu'elle.
emphasizes a surprising fact

Sometimes he even forgot to put his shoes on!
Quelquefois, il oubliait même de mettre ses chaussures !
not even
même pas

They didn't even say thank you!
Ils ne t'ont même pas dit merci !
even if
emphasizes a situation will not change
même si

Even if they offered me more money, I still wouldn't stay.
Même s'ils m'avaient offert plus d'argent, je ne serais pas resté.
even so
emphasizes sth is true despite a stated fact
même si

He's a strange man. Even so, people seem to like him.
C'est un homme étrange. Même si les gens semblent l'apprécier.
even though
=although; despite the fact that
bien que

They went outdoors even though the temperature was below freezing.
Ils sont allés dehors bien que la température soit tombée en-dessous de zéro.


adjectiveeven /ˈivən/
≠uneven; flat and smooth

an even surface
une surface plane

The two totals are now even.
Les deux totaux sont égaux.
≠fluctuating; constant, not changing

an even heartbeat
un pouls régulier
≠odd; (of a number) that can be divided by two

2, 4, and 6 are even numbers.
2, 4 et 6 sont des nombres pairs
(of two people) not owing money to each other

There's five dollars - now we're even.
Voilà cinq dollars ; maintenant nous sommes quittes.
get even (with)
informal to take revenge
rendre la monnaie de sa pièce

He vowed that one day he would get even with them.
Il jura qu'un jour il leur rendrait la monnaie de leur pièce.


verb phrasaleven: even out [ ˈɪvən ]
to become or make equal or the same
égaler , égaliser

The team evened out their record with a win.
L'équipe a égalé son record avec une victoire.

cosmetics that even out your skin tone
des produits de beauté qui égalisent votre teint

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adjective /iːvən/

level; the same in height, amount etc

Are the table-legs even?
an even temperature.


We’ll have to make the path more even.


He has a strong, even pulse.

divisible by 2 with no remainder

2, 4, 6, 8, 10 etc are even numbers.

equal (in number, amount etc)

à égalité
The teams have scored one goal each and so they are even now.

(of temperament etc) calm

She has a very even temper.
evenly adverb

evenness noun

be/get even with

to be revenged on

(se) venger de
He tricked me, but I’ll get even with him.
even out

to become level or regular

The road rose steeply and then evened out
His pulse began to even out.

to make smooth

He raked the soil to even it out.

to make equal

If Jane would do some of Mary’s keyboarding, that would even the work out.
even up

to make equal

John did better in the maths exam than Jim and that evened up their marks.


verb (past tense, past participle evened)

to make smooth or level.



adverb /iːvən/

used to point out something unexpected in what one is saying

‘Have you finished yet?’ ‘No, I haven’t even started.’
Even the winner didn’t get a prize.

yet; still

encore (plus)
My boots were dirty, but his were even dirtier.
even if

no matter whether

même si
Even if I leave now, I’ll be too late.
even so

in spite of that

malgré tout
It rained, but even so we enjoyed the day.
even though

in spite of the fact that

quand bien même
I like the job even though it’s badly paid.

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