Übersetzung von “event” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countableevent /ɪˈvɛnt/
an organized activity involving many people
événement masculine , manifestation feminine

a popular sporting event
un événement sportif populaire

to organize an event
organiser un événement / une manifestation

The concert was the evening's main event.
Le concert a été l'événement majeur de la soirée.
sth that happens
événement masculine

the tragic events that occurred on that night
Les événements tragiques qui se sont déroulés cette nuit-là.
in any event
whatever happens
dans tous les cas

In any event the price will not exceed $300.00.
Dans tous les cas, le prix n'excèdera pas 300 000 $.
in the event of/that
formal if sth happens
en cas de

In the event of fire, exit via the rear doors.
En cas d'incendie, sortez par les portes arrière.

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noun /iˈvent/

something that happens; an incident or occurrence

That night a terrible event occurred.

an item in a programme of sports etc

The long jump was to be the third event of the competition.
eventful adjective

(negative uneventful) full of events; exciting

We had an eventful day.
at all events / at any event

in any case

en tout cas
At all events, we can’t make things worse than they already are.
in that event

if that happens

dans ce cas
In that event, you must do as he says.
in the event

in the end, as it happened/happens / may happen

en fin de compte
In the event, I did not need to go to hospital.
in the event of

if (something) occurs

au cas oû
In the event of his death, you will inherit his money.

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