Übersetzung von “every” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


adverbevery /ˈɛvri/
all or each
chaque , tous/toutes les

Every girl got a prize.
Toutes les filles ont eu un prix.

It's a lot of fun every time we play.
On s'amuse beaucoup à chaque fois qu'on joue.
every single
emphasizes you are talking about all or each one
chacun/-une sans exception

Every single one of us agreed.
Chacun d'entre nous sans exception a accepté.
indicates how often sth is repeated
tous/toutes les

every three hours/days/weeks
toutes les trois heures / tous les trois jours / toutes les trois semaines
every now and then/again
de temps en temps

Every now and then we have friends over for dinner.
De temps en temps nous recevons des amis à dîner.
indicates how common sth is
(indique la fréquence)

One in every ten websites is not secure.
Un site Internet sur dix n'est pas sécurisé.
emphasizes sth
tout/toute , tous/toutes les

They have every right to be afraid.
Ils ont tout lieu d'être effrayés.

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adjective /ˈevri/

each one of or all (of a certain number)

tout; chaque
Every room is painted white
Not every family has a car.

each (of an indefinite number or series)

chaque; chacun de
Every hour brought the two countries nearer war
He attends to her every need.

the most absolute or complete possible

We have every reason to believe that she will get better.

used to show repetition after certain intervals of time or space

tous les
I go to the supermarket every four or five days
Every second house in the row was bright pink
‘Every other daymeans èvery two days’ or ‘on alternate days’.
everybody pronoun ( everyone)

every person

tout le monde
Everyone thinks I’m right.
everyday adjective

happening, done used etc daily

her everyday duties.

common or usual

de tous les jours
an everyday event.
everything pronoun

all things

Do you have everything you need?
everywhere adverb

(in or to) every place

partout (oû)
The flies are everywhere
Everywhere I go, he follows me.
every bit as

just as

tout aussi
You’re every bit as clever as he is.
every now and then / every now and again / every so often


de temps à autre
We get a letter from him every now and then.
every time

always; invariably

chaque fois
We use this method every time.


chaque fois que
Every time he comes, we quarrel.
everybody, everyone are singular: Everybody is (not are ) tired / Everyone should buy his own ticket.see also their.

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