Die Übersetzung von "exact" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


adjective /iɡˈzӕkt/

absolutely accurate or correct in every detail; the same in every detail; precise

What are the exact measurements of the room?
For this recipe the quantities must be absolutely exact
an exact copy
What is the exact time?
He walked in at that exact moment.

(of a person, his mind etc) capable of being accurate over small details

Accountants have to be very exact.
exacting adjective

requiring much effort or work from a person

a very exacting job.
exactly adverb

just; quite; absolutely

He’s exactly the right man for the job.

in accurate detail; precisely

avec précision, précisément
Work out the prices exactly
What exactly did you say?

used as a reply meaning ‘I quite agree’.

tout juste
’We can’t afford to waste any time.’ ’Exactly.’
exactness noun


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