Übersetzung von “examine” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitiveexamine /ɪgˈzæmɪn/
to look at sth closely and thoroughly
examiner , scruter

The doctor examined her for symptoms.
Le médecin l'a examinée pour trouver des symptômes.

She examined his face, to see if he was angry.
Elle examinait/scrutait son visage pour voir s'il était en colère.
to study in detail

We will examine all options.
Nous examinerons toutes les options.
to ask sb questions in law court

lawyers examining a witness
des avocats interrogeant un témoin
; see also cross-examine
formal to test knowledge

Students are examined in language and math.
Les étudiants sont interrogés en langues et en maths.

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verb /iɡˈzӕmin/

to look at closely; to inspect closely

They examined the animal tracks and decided that they were those of a fox.

(of a doctor) to inspect the body of thoroughly to check for disease etc

The doctor examined the child and said she was healthy.

to consider carefully

The detectives must examine the facts.

to test the knowledge or ability of (students etc)

The test examines the students’ ability to speak French.

to question

The lawyer examined the witness in the court case.
examination noun

(a) close inspection

The police made a thorough examination of the area where the crime took place
On examination, the patient was discovered to have appendicitis.

(also exam) a test of knowledge or ability

school examinations
She is going to take a French/dancing exam
(also adjective) examination/exam papers
He failed/passed the English exam.

(a) formal questioning (eg of a witness).

examiner noun

a person who examines.


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