Übersetzung von “example” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countableexample /ɪgˈzæmpəl, -ˈzɑm-/
a sample or instance
échantillon masculine , exemple masculine

several examples of the students' work
plusieurs échantillons du travail des étudiants

I don't understand - can you give me an example?
Je ne comprends pas ; pouvez-vous me donner un exemple ?
a classic example
a typical example
un parfait exemple

Tina's outburst was a classic example of her lack of control.
L'éclat de Tina était un parfait exemple de son manque de self-control.
for example
indicates you are going to mention an example
par exemple

changes in diet - for example, no fried foods or alcoholic drinks
des changements de l'alimentation ; par exemple, l'absence de fritures ou de boissons alcoolisées
sb or sth considered to be good model to copy
exemple masculine

She's an example to all of us.
Elle est un exemple pour nous tous.
set an example
to show good behavior
montrer l'exemple

Try to set an example for the younger kids.
Essaie de montrer l'exemple pour les enfants plus jeunes.

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noun /iɡˈzaːmpl/

something that represents other things of the same kind; a specimen

an example of his handwriting.

something that shows clearly or illustrates a fact etc

exemple (de)
Can you give me an example of how this word is used?

a person or thing that is a pattern to be copied

exemple (pour)
She was an example to the rest of the class.

a warning to be heeded

Let this be an example to you, and never do it again!
for example /iːˈdʒiː/ (often abbreviated to eg)

for instance; as an example

par exemple
Several European countries have no sea coast – for example, Switzerland and Austria.
make an example of

to punish as a warning to others

faire un exemple de
The judge decided to make an example of the young thief and sent him to prison for five years.
set (someone) an example

to act in such a way that other people will copy one’s behaviour

donner l’exemple
Teachers must set a good example to their pupils.

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