Übersetzung von “exercise” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounexercise /ˈɛksərˌsaɪz/
uncountable physical activity to keep healthy
exercice masculine

Regular exercise is important.
L'exercice régulier est important.

the need to get more exercise
le besoin de faire plus d'exercice
countable a repeated physical action
exercice masculine

an exercise to strengthen your arm muscles
un exercice pour renforcer les muscles de vos bras
countable an activity to practice a skill
exercice masculine , entraînement masculine

I'm doing my typing exercises.
Je fais mes exercices de dactylographie.

a military exercise
un entraînement militaire
countable a written study activity
exercice masculine

Do Exercise 3b in your workbooks.
Faites l'exercice 3b de votre livre d'exercices.
countable an action practicing or testing a way of doing sth
entraînement masculine

an exercise in green living
un entraînement à un mode de vie écologique


verbexercise /ˈɛksərˌsaɪz/
transitive-intransitive to do physical activity to keep healthy
faire de l'exercice , (s')entraîner

I try to exercise three times a week.
J'essaie de faire de l'exercice trois fois par semaine.

to exercise your muscles
entraîner ses muscles
transitive formal to use or apply rights, power, etc.

to exercise the right to free speech
exercer le droit à la parole

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noun /ˈeksəsaiz/

training or use (especially of the body) through action or effort

Swimming is one of the healthiest forms of exercise
Take more exercise.

an activity intended as training

ballet exercises
spelling exercises.

a series of tasks, movements etc for training troops etc

His battalion is on an exercise in the mountains.



to use; to make use of

She was given the opportunity to exercise her skill as a pianist.

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