Übersetzung von “explode” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbexplode /ɪkˈsploʊd/
transitive-intransitive =blow up; to burst or make burst with great force
(faire) exploser , (faire) sauter

the moment the bomb exploded
le moment où la bombe a explosé

The building exploded into flames.
L'immeuble s'est enflammé sous le coup de l'explosion.

countries who have exploded nuclear weapons
les pays qui ont fait exploser des armes nucléaires
intransitive to increase rapidly

The population exploded over the next decade.
La population a explosé durant la décennie suivante.
intransitive to suddenly become angry

When she heard his excuse, she exploded.
Quand elle a entendu son excuse, elle a explosé.

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verb /ikˈspləud/

to (cause to) blow up with a loud noise

(faire) exploser
The bomb exploded
The police exploded the bomb where it could cause no damage.

suddenly to show strong feeling

The teacher exploded with anger
The children exploded into laughter.

to prove (a theory etc) wrong.

démontrer la fausseté (de)
explosion /-ʒən/ noun

a blowing up, or the noise caused by this

a gas explosion
The explosion could be heard a long way off.

the action of exploding

the explosion of the atom bomb.

a sudden showing of strong feelings etc

an explosion of laughter.

a sudden great increase

an explosion in food prices.
explosive /-siv/ adjective

likely to explode

Hydrogen is a dangerously explosive gas.

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