Übersetzung von “export” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitiveexport /ɪkˈspɔrt, -ˈspoʊrt, ˈɛkspɔrt, -spoʊrt/
≠import; to sell goods to another country

They export millions of cars to Russia each year.
Ils exportent des millions de voitures vers la Russie chaque année.
≠import; to bring ideas from your country to another

attempts to export Western-style democracy
les tentatives pour exporter la démocracie à l'occidentale
≠import; in computing, to send information to another system in a form that it can read

to export files to the server
exporter des fichers vers le serveur


nounexport /ˈɛkspɔrt, -spoʊrt/
uncountable the process of exporting goods
export masculine

grain being grown for export
des céréales cultivées pour l'export
countable plural a product that a country exports
produit masculine d'exportation , exportation feminine

The country's biggest exports are beef, livestock, and wool.
Les plus grosses exportations du pays sont le bœuf, le bétail et la laine.

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verb /ekˈspoːt/

to send (goods) to another country for sale

Jamaica exports bananas to Britain.
exportation /ek-/ noun

exporter noun

a person who exports goods

His father was a tobacco exporter.


something which is exported

(produit d’)exportation
Paper is an important Swedish export.

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