Übersetzung von “expose” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitiveexpose /ɪkˈspoʊz/
to show people secret information

to expose political corruption
dénoncer la corruption politique
=reveal; to uncover sth hidden
révéler , découvrir

His shirt ripped, exposing a long scar on his back.
Sa chemise s'est déchirée, découvrant/révélant une longue cicatrice sur son dos.
expose yourself
to show your sexual organs in public in a way that offends others
commettre un attentat à la pudeur
to allow to be affected by sth harmful

Exposing the plant to too much sun can harm it.
Trop exposer la plante au soleil peut l'abîmer.

video games that expose children to violence
des jeux vidéo qui exposent les enfants à la violence
to give sb a positive experience

programs that expose city kids to environmental issues
des programmes qui initient les enfants des villes aux problèmes environnementaux
to allow light onto film, resulting in a photograph

to expose the film
développer la pellicule

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verb /ikˈspəuz/

to uncover; to leave unprotected from (eg weather, danger, observation etc)

Paintings should not be exposed to direct sunlight
Don’t expose children to danger.

to discover and make known (eg criminals or their activities)

dévoiler, démasquer
It was a newspaper that exposed his spying activities.

by releasing the camera shutter, to allow light to fall on (a photographic film).

exposure /-ʒə/ noun

(an) act of exposing or state of being exposed

Prolonged exposure of the skin to hot sun can be harmful.

one frame of a photographic film etc

I have two exposures left.

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