Die Übersetzung von "express" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


verb /ikˈspres/

to put into words

He expressed his ideas very clearly.

(with oneselfetc) to put one’s own thoughts into words

You haven’t expressed yourself clearly.

to show (thoughts, feelings etc) by looks, actions etc

She nodded to express her agreement.

to send by fast (postal) delivery

expédier par exprès
Will you express this letter, please?
expressly adverb

in clear, definite words

I expressly forbade you to do that.
expression /-ʃən/ noun

a look on one’s face that shows one’s feelings

He always has a bored expression on his face.

a word or phrase

‘Dough’ is a slang expression for ‘money‘.

(a) showing of thoughts or feelings by words, actions etc

This poem is an expression of his grief.

the showing of feeling when eg reciting, reading aloud or playing a musical instrument

Put more expression into your playing!
expressionless adjective

(of a face or voice) showing no feeling

sans expression
a cold, expressionless tone.
expressive /-siv/ adjective

showing meaning or feeling clearly

She has an expressive look on her face.
expressiveness noun

expressively adverb

avec expression
expressway noun

a divided highway; a motorway.

voie express

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