Die Übersetzung von "extend" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


verb /ikˈstend/

to make longer or larger

He extended his vegetable garden.

to reach or stretch

The school grounds extend as far as this fence.

to hold out or stretch out (a limb etc)

He extended his hand to her.

to offer

offrir à
May I extend a welcome to you all?
extension /-ʃən/ noun

an added part

He built an extension to his house
a two-day extension to the holiday
He has telephone extensions (= telephones) in every bedroom.

(a program by which) part of a university located somewhere else offers courses to people who are not fulltime students.


the process of extending.


a telephone that operates on the same line as another

combiné supplémentaire
They have a phone in the living-room and an extension in the bedroom.
extensive /-siv/ adjective

large in area or amount

vaste, étendu
extensive plantations
He suffered extensive injuries in the accident.

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