Übersetzung von “extension” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounextension /ɪkˈstɛnʃən/
countable-uncountable extra time added to sth
prolongation feminine , allongement masculine , report masculine

an extension on the project deadline
un report d'échéance du projet

research dealing with the extension of life
la recherche traitant de l'allongement de la vie
countable ( ext.,) a telephone line in a building where there are many lines
poste masculine

My office number is 555 1001, extension 345.
Mon numéro de bureau est 555 1001, poste 345.
countable =addition; a part added to a building later
extension feminine

They built an extension on their house.
Ils ont agrandi leur maison.
countable sth that develops naturally from sth else
extension feminine , développement masculine

We see the newsletter as an extension of our website.
Nous voyons la newsletter comme une extension / un développement de notre site Internet.
countable the three letters after the dot in a computer file name
extension feminine

files with an exe extension
les fichiers ont une extension en exe

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