Übersetzung von “extra” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


adjectiveextra /ˈɛkstrə/
added to what is already there

I'll bring some extra food.
J'apporterai de la nourriture en plus.

The city asked for an extra $10 million.
La ville a demandé 10 millions de dollars supplémentaires.
be extra
to cost more than the basic amount
coûter plus cher

The special features are $30 extra.
Les options spéciales coûtent 30 $ de plus.


adverbextra /ˈɛkstrə/
more than a particular amount of money
plus cher

Do I have to pay extra for that?
Est-ce que je dois payer plus cher pour ça ?
in addition to what is usual

Take another sweater to keep you extra warm.
Prends un autre pull pour te garder plus chaud.


noun countableextra /ˈɛkstrə/
sth that is added
qqch de plus

Take a few extras to give to other people.
Prends en quelques uns de plus pour donner aux autres.
sb who is seen in the background of a movie
figurant/-ante masculine-feminine

She got work as an extra.
Elle a obtenu du travail comme figurante.

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adjective /ˈekstrə/

additional; more than usual or necessary

They demand an extra $10 a week
We need extra men for this job.



in cinema or television, an actor employed in a small part, eg as a person in a crowd.


a special edition of a newspaper containing later or special news.

édition spéciale

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