Übersetzung von “eye” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countableeye //
the body part that you see with
œil (pl yeux)

She has brown eyes.
Elle a les yeux marons.

Close/shut your eyes.
Ouvrez/fermez les yeux.
sb's eyes
sb's expression
les yeux de qqn

She didn't believe me; I could see it in her eyes.
Elle ne me croyait pas, je le voyais dans ses yeux.
the hole at the end of a needle

the eye of the needle
le chas de l'aiguille
can't take your eyes off
to be so interested that you find it hard to stop watching
ne pas pouvoir détourner son regard de

I couldn't take my eyes off the horrible scene.
Je ne pouvais pas détourner mon regard de l'horrible scène.
have an eye for
to have a natural ability to find or choose good things
avoir l'œil pour

She has an eye for color.
Elle a l'œil pour ce qui est de la couleur.
have your eye on
to want to have or buy
avoir en vue

She'd had her eye on that car for months.
Elle avait cette voiture en vue depuis des mois.
in sb's eyes
in sb's opinion
aux yeux de qqn

In her eyes, your perfect.
A ses yeux, tu es parfait.
keep an eye on
to watch carefully or take care of

Keep an eye on your little brother, please.
Surveille ton petit frère, s'il-te-plaît.
keep your eyes peeled/keep an eye out for
to continue to look for sth
tâcher de repérer

Keep your eyes peeled for a pink neon sign.
Tâchez de repérer une enseigne au néon rose.

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noun /ai/

the part of the body with which one sees

Open your eyes
She has blue eyes.

anything like or suggesting an eye, eg the hole in a needle, the loop or ring into which a hook connects etc.


a talent for noticing and judging a particular type of thing

(avoir l’)oeil (pour)
She has an eye for detail/colour/beauty.
eyeball noun

the whole rounded structure of the eye.

globe oculaire

the part of the eye between the eyelids.

pupille (de l’oeil)
eyebrow noun

the curved line of hair above each eye.

eye-catching adjective

striking or noticeable, especially if attractive

tape-à-l’oeil; attrayant
an eye-catching advertisement.
eyelash noun

one of the (rows of) hairs that grow on the edge of the eyelids

She looked at him through her eyelashes.
eyelet /-lit/ noun

a small hole in fabric etc for a cord etc.

eyelid noun

the movable piece of skin that covers or uncovers the eye.

eye-opener noun

something that reveals an unexpected fact etc

Our visit to their office was a real eye-opener – they are so inefficient!
eye-piece noun

the part of a telescope etc to which one puts one’s eye.

eyeshadow noun

a kind of coloured make-up worn around the eyes.

fard à paupières
eyesight noun

the ability to see

I have good eyesight.
eyesore noun

something (eg a building) that is ugly to look at.

eye-witness noun

a person who sees something (eg a crime) happen

témoin oculaire
Eye-witnesses were questioned by the police.
before/under one’s very eyes

in front of one, usually with no attempt at concealment

sous les yeux (de)
It happened before my very eyes.
be up to the eyes in

to be very busy or deeply involved in or with

être dans…jusqu’au cou
She’s up to the eyes in work.
close one’s eyes to

to ignore (especially something wrong)

fermer les yeux sur
She closed her eyes to the children’s misbehaviour.
in the eyes of

in the opinion of

aux yeux de
You’ve done no wrong in the eyes of the law.
keep an eye on

to watch closely

suivre de près
Keep an eye on the patient’s temperature.

to look after

Keep an eye on the baby while I am out!
lay/set eyes on

to see, especially for the first time

poser son regard sur
I wish I’d never set eyes on her!
raise one’s eyebrows

to (lift one’s eyebrows in order to) show surprise.

hausser les sourcils
see eye to eye

to be in agreement

voir les choses du même oeil
We’ve never seen eye to eye about this matter.
with an eye to something

with something as an aim

en vue de
He’s doing this with an eye to promotion.
with one’s eyes open

with full awareness of what one is doing

en connaissance de cause
I knew what the job would involve – I went into it with my eyes open.

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