Übersetzung von “fall” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb intransitivefall /fɔl/ ( pt fell pp fallen )
to move down to the ground from a higher place

The book fell off the table.
Le livre est tombé de la table.

The baby bird had fallen out of the tree.
Le bébé oiseau était tombé de l'arbre.

We watched the snow/rain fall.
Nous regardions tomber la neige/pluie.
to hit the ground after being upright

She slipped and fell.
Elle glissa et tomba.

The chair fell on top of the cat.
La chaise est tombée sur le chat.
≠rise; to decrease in amount or level
tomber , baisser

the season when temperatures begin to fall
la saison où les températures commencent à baisser/tomber

prices falling by 20%
des prix baissant de 20%
(of hair or fabric) to hang down

Her hair fell over her eyes.
Ses cheveux lui tombaient dans les yeux.
to die or be defeated
tomber , être battu/-ue

soldiers who have fallen in battle
des soldats qui sont tombés au combat

The Rockies fell to the Red Sox, 2-1.
Les Rockies ont été battus 2 à 1 par les Red Sox.
to pass into a state
sombrer dans

I fell asleep immediately.
Je me suis immédiatement endormi / J'ai immédiatement sombré dans le sommeil.

She suddenly fell silent.
Elle s'est soudain tue.
to belong in a category
entrer dans

That $20 falls under travel expenses.
Ces 20 $ entrent dans les frais de transport.
liter to happen or occur

Darkness fell.
L'obscurité est tombée.
fall in love
to begin to love sb
tomber amoureux/-euse

We were young when we fell in love.
Nous étions jeunes quand nous sommes tombés amoureux.
fall into place
(of parts of a confusing situation) to become clearly connected in your mind
devenir clair

Suddenly everything fell into place, and I knew what to do.
Soudain tout est devenu clair et j'ai su quoi faire.
fall short
to not reach the expected level or standard

We fell short of the goal by $1500.
Nous avons raté notre objectif de 1 500 $.

fall apart

verb phrasalfall apart [ ˈfɔl əˈpɑrt ]
(of object) to become old and damaged
tomber en ruine

This house is falling apart.
La maison tombe en ruine.
to stop working or developing properly
se détériorer , se désagréger

Our relationship was falling apart.
Notre relation se détériorait.

The economy began to fall apart.
L'économie commençait à se désagréger.

fall behind

verb phrasalfall behind [ ˈfɔl bɪˈhaɪnd ]
to do worse than others in the same group
être en retard

He's falling behind his class in reading.
Il est en retard sur sa classe en lecture.
to get behind others who are moving faster
se laisser distancer

The injured soldiers fell behind their comrades.
Les soldats blessés se laissaient distancer par leurs camarades.

fall behind with/on

verb phrasal fall behind with/on /ˈfɔl bɪˈhaɪnd ˌwɪθ, ˌwɪð/ˌɒn, ˌɔn/
to be unable to make payments on time
être en retard sur

They fell behind on their rent.
Ils étaient en retard sur leur loyer.

fall for

verb phrasalfall for [ ˈfɔl ˌfɔr ]
to begin to love sb
tomber amoureux/-euse de

She fell for him immediately.
Elle est immédiatement tombée amoureuse de lui.
to believe sb who is trying to trick you
se laisser prendre à

I fell for every word of his story.
J'ai cru chaque mot de son histoire.

fall out

verb phrasalfall out [ ˈfɔl ˈaʊt ]
Brit to argue and stop being friends
se fâcher

She's fallen out with her best friend.
Elle s'est fâchée avec sa meilleure amie.

fall over

verb phrasalfall over [ ˈfɔl ˈoʊvər ]
Brit to fall down
tomber en ruine

fall through

verb phrasalfall through [ ˈfɔl ˈθru ]
to not be completed or happen

The deal fell through at the last minute.
Le contrat a échoué à la dernière minute.


nounfall /fɔl/
countable =autumn; the season between summer and winter
automne masculine

in (the) fall when kids go back to school
à l'automne quand les enfants retournent à l'école

fall temperatures
températures automnales
countable the act of falling
chute feminine

a bad fall on the ice
une mauvaise chute sur le verglas
countable ≠rise; a decrease in amount or level
chute feminine , baisse feminine

a sharp fall in prices
une brusque baisse des prix
countable an amount of snow or rain that comes down
chute feminine

a heavy fall of snow
une importante chute de neige
; see also rainfall
singular the act of losing status or power
chute feminine

the general's fall from power
la chute du pouvoir du général

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verb /foːl/ (past tense fell /fel/, past participle fallen)

to go down from a higher level usually unintentionally

The apple fell from the tree
Her eye fell on an old book.

(often with over) to go down to the ground etc from an upright position, usually by accident

She tripped and fell (over).

to become lower or less

The temperature is falling.

to happen or occur

Easter falls early this year.

to enter a certain state or condition

They fell in love.


incomber à
only with it as subject) to come as one’s duty etc: It falls to me to take care of the children.
falls noun plural

a waterfall

the Niagara Falls.
fallout noun

radioactive dust from a nuclear explosion etc.

retombées radioactives
his/her etc face fell

he, she etc looked suddenly disappointed.

Her face fell when she heard the news.
fall away

to become less in number

The crowd began to fall away.

to slope downwards

The ground fell away steeply.
fall back

to move back or stop moving forward.

He ordered the troops to fall back.
fall back on

to use, or to go to for help, finally when everything else has been tried

avoir recours à
Whatever happens you have your father’s money to fall back on.
fall behind

to be slower than (someone else)

prendre du retard
Hurry up! You’re falling behind (the others)
He is falling behind in his schoolwork.

(with with) to become late in regular payment, letter-writing etc

être en retard
Don’t fall behind with the rent!
fall down (sometimes with on)

to fail (in)

ne pas être à la hauteur
He’s falling down on his job.
fall flat

(especially of jokes etc) to fail completely or to have no effect

tomber à plat
Her joke fell flat.
fall for

to be deceived by (something)

tomber dans le panneau
I made up a story to explain why I had not been at work and he fell for it.

to fall in love with (someone)

tomber amoureux (de)
He has fallen for your sister.
fall in with

to join with (someone) for company

On the way home, we fell in with some friends.

to agree with (a plan, idea etc)

They fell in with our suggestion.
fall off

to become smaller in number or amount

Audiences often fall off during the summer.
fall on/upon

to attack

(se) jeter sur
The robbers fell on the old man and beat him
They fell hungrily upon the food.
fall out (sometimes with with)

to quarrel

se fâcher (avec)
I have fallen out with my sister.
fall short (often with of)

to be not enough or not good enough etc

manquer (de)
The money we have falls short of what we need.
fall through

(of plans etc) to fail or come to nothing

Our plans fell through.



(a quantity of) something that has fallen

a fall of snow.

capture or (political) defeat

the fall of Rome.

(American) the autumn

Leaves change color in the fall.

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