Übersetzung von “false” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


adjectivefalse /fɔls/
not true
faux/fausse , mensonger/-ère

a false statement
une affirmation fausse

false advertising
publicité mensongère

The charges turned out to be false.
Les charges ont été invalidées.
=fake; not real

false documents
faux documents

false eyelashes
faux cils
based on incorrect information
faux/fausse , trompeur/-euse

The news report gave us false hope.
Le communiqué de presse nous a donné de faux espoirs.

a false impression of the size of the building
une impression trompeuse quant à la taille de l'immeuble
not sincere
faux/fausse , fallacieux/-ieuse

false words
des paroles fausses/fallacieuses
under/on false pretenses
using deliberately untrue information
sous des prétextes fallacieux

They took my money under false pretenses.
Ils ont pris mon argent sous des prétextes fallacieux.

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adjective /foːls/

not true; not correct

He made a false statement to the police.

not genuine; intended to deceive

She has a false passport.


false teeth.

not loyal

false friends.
falsehood noun

(the telling of) a lie

She is incapable of (uttering a) falsehood.
falsify /-fӕi/ verb

to make false

He falsified the accounts.
falsification /-fi-/ noun

falsity noun

false alarm

a warning of something which in fact does not happen.

fausse alerte
We thought there was a fire, but it was just a false alarm.
false start

in a race, a start which is declared not valid and therefore has to be repeated.

faux départ

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