Übersetzung von “familiar” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


adjectivefamiliar /fəˈmɪlyər/
≠unfamiliar; well-known or quickly recognized
familier/-ière , connu/-ue

a familiar tune
un air familier/connu

The name isn't familiar to me.
Le nom ne m'est pas familier.

I looked around the room for a familiar face.
Je cherchais dans la pièce un visage familier.
familiar with
knowing about sth
qui connaît bien

Are you familiar with his music?
Connaissez-vous bien sa musique ?
behaving as if you know sb well when you do not

He was too familiar with one of his students.
Il s'est montré trop familier avec un de ses étudiants.

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adjective /fəˈmiljə/


The house was familiar to him
She looks very familiar (to me).

(with with) knowing about

familier (avec)
Are you familiar with the plays of Shakespeare?

too friendly

I thought he was being too familiar with my wife.
familiarly adverb

familiarity /-liˈӕ-/ noun (plural familiarities)

the state of being familiar

I was surprised by her familiarity with our way of life.

an act of (too) friendly behaviour

You must not allow such familiarities.
familiarize verb ( familiarise)

(with with) to make something well known to (someone)

familiariser (avec)
You must familiarize yourself with the rules.
familiarization noun ( familiarisation)

accoutumance (à)

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