Übersetzung von “fan” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countablefan /fæn/
sb who likes and supports a team, famous person etc.
sports: supporter/-trice masculine-feminine , show business: fan masculine-feminine

I'm a Red Sox fan.
Je suis un supporter des Red Sox.

The singer met some of her fans.
La chanteuse a rencontré quelques uns de ses fans.
a machine that cools air by moving it
ventilateur masculine

a ceiling fan
un ventilateur au plafond
an object you wave to make yourself cool
éventail masculine

a Japanese fan
un éventail japonais
be a fan of
informal to like
informal êtreun/une mordu/-ue de

I'm a big fan of chocolate.
Je suis un véritable mordu de chocolat.


verb transitivefan [ fæn ] ( fanning, fanned)
to wave sth at sb to make them cool

fan out

verb phrasalfan out [ ˈfæn ˈaʊt ]
(of a group) to spread across an area while moving
se déployer en éventail

The searchers fanned out across a two-mile area.
Les sauveteurs se sont déployés en éventail sur un secteur de trois kilométres.

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noun /fӕn/

a flat instrument held in the hand and waved to direct a current of air across the face in hot weather

Ladies used to carry fans to keep themselves cool.

a mechanical instrument causing a current of air

He has had a fan fitted in the kitchen for extracting smells.


verb (past tense, past participle fanned)

to increase or strengthen (a fire) by directing air towards it with a fan etc

They fanned the fire until it burst into flames.


noun /fӕn/

an enthusiastic admirer of a sport, hobby or well-known person

I’m a great fan of his
football fans
(also adjective ) fan mail/letters (= letters etc sent by admirers).

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