Die Übersetzung von "fancy" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


noun /ˈfӕnsi/ (plural fancies)

a sudden (often unexpected) liking or desire

The child had many peculiar fancies.

the power of the mind to imagine things

She had a tendency to indulge in flights of fancy.

something imagined

He had a sudden fancy that he could see Spring approaching.
fanciful adjective

inclined to have fancies, especially strange, unreal ideas

She’s a very fanciful girl.

imaginary or unreal

That idea is rather fanciful.
fancifully adverb

d’une manière extravagante/fantasque
fancy dress

a fancy-dress party.

take a fancy to

to become fond of, often suddenly or unexpectedly

prendre goût â
They bought that house because they took a fancy to it.
take one’s fancy

to be liked or wanted by (someone)

avoir envie (de)
When I go shopping I just buy anything that takes my fancy.

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